Building Beyond the Walls

Next Flagship Construction Skills Training

Learn to Build A House in Seven Saturdays – Starting Saturday, Sept. 24th



Building Beyond the Walls creates an experience through inclusive hands-on construction skills training that increases confidence and self-reliance. By focusing on projects that give back, we connect individuals more deeply in their communities!”


About the Pantry Project


Since May of 2016, there has been a National Mini Pantry Movement to help provide food in areas where families have struggled with food insecurity. The concept it simple, leave what you can, take what you need.

Now, more than ever, people are worried about food and these mini pantries are a way for people to help make a difference.

Our Blogs

A Labor of Love: DeMark Apartments’ New Food Pantry

A Labor of Love: DeMark Apartments’ New Food Pantry

The global pandemic has tremendously impacted communities in Pierce County and left many feeling isolated, disconnected and struggling with a lack of resources to meet their basic needs. This is why Safe Streets, Building Beyond the Walls, and Andersen Construction...

Grant by Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Grant by Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

We are so honored and appreciative to have received a grant from the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation last month to help fund our Pantry Kit Project! We are one of the organizations featured in this month’s...

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