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Building Beyond the Walls creates an experience through inclusive hands-on construction skills training that increases confidence and self-reliance. By focusing on projects that give back, we connect individuals more deeply in their communities!"


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Sue Z. Hart

Sue Z. Hart was born on a small farm in Vail, Washington. At the age of three her family home burnt to the ground. Her family moved into the logging camp, where her father worked. For six years they lived in a two bedroom camp house while her family built a new home, with the help of many family friends. Sue believes the
experiences of her childhood played a big part in her belief that we all need to help our neighbors…read more

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    Wheelchair Accessible Playhouse build for the Prairie Ridge Community Coalition

    Wheelchair Accessible Playhouse build

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    The Courier-Herald: Free construction classes help make community connections

    Thank you to all who believed in the vision!

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