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Building Beyond the Walls exists to build community. We offer hands-on construction training that gives participants the skills they need to feel competent on volunteer construction sites. All of our classes are inclusive, allowing individuals with physical disabilities an opportunity to learn safely with modified equipment and process they help create. We build with sustainable and universal design practices. Classes are process-driven and taught by industry professionals.


Flagship Construction Training

In this eight-class training, you will have hands-on training that teaches you the basic skill in construction. You will learn how to safely frame, roof, and sheetrock a home. You will also learn basic electrical, plumbing, siding, insulation and more. In the class, participants learn their new skills as they build a community structure that will serve the community for years to come. Participants are asked to give 50 hours back to the community in exchange for this free training.


Specialty Classes

These class offerings range from 1 to 12 days of class. They are determined by the scope of the project and technical difficulty. Skills learned in these classes will be more specific. They can range from learning to build a ramp to pouring a foundation. They all adhere to our core values of excellent instruction with a core purpose to build community. Sometimes there is a fee attached to the class.


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Register for these classes by submitting the Application below, or you may complete this PDF Registration Form for consideration and e-mail or mail via our Contact Us page.