Since May of 2016 there has been a National Mini Pantry Movement to help provide food in areas where families have struggled with food insecurity. The concept it simple, leave what you can, take what you need. Now, more than ever, people are worried about food and these mini pantries are a way for people to help make a difference.

We know families are looking for ways to help but may not have the resources to put a mini pantry in their community. As a response to this increasing need, Building Beyond the Walls is offering families and organizations the opportunity to build their own Mini Pantry for their neighborhoods. These kits have been specially designed and precut for easy assembly. Thanks to generous donors these kits are free!

Whether you are an experienced carpenter or have never picked up a hammer, we have an opportunity for you to join the Mini Pantry Movement! You will be assigned a skilled volunteer to help you with any questions and even personal instruction if needed. We also have tools to check out from our tool library! It’s never been easier to have a positive impact on your community!

Local food banks are anxious to keep the pantries filled! You will need to agree to register the location of the pantry on the national site and share pictures with us for our funding reports. Our logistics coordinator will help make this an easy process. 

At this time, we have a limited number of kits and locations available. Please fill out an application or Contact Us to have an application sent to you..


We also have a detailed YouTube video that will show you how to build a mini pantry step by step.  Watch the YouTube video here.


Looking for a pantry near you? Check out our South Sound Area Pantry Map here.