What We Do

  • Building Beyond the Walls Flagship Construction Training is a free residential construction training program, designed to give participants basic hands-on construction skills. Offering the training at no cost to the participants, allows a broader participant pool to draw from and increases our ability to reach and serve low-income people. Professional training programs are often cost prohibitive and the time commitment is much longer than our 8 to 12 classes.
  • In our Flagship class we build a complete structure. Most professional training programs, while hands-on, do not get the opportunity to build a product that is left whole or built and used by the community.
  • Our Flagship training is driven by the process of learning and not the project itself, unlike other educational institutions who are measured on production. Our class allows all students to learn at a safe pace and results in greater confidence.
  • Our students work alongside industry professionals, ranging from educational institution to business owners. This gives businesses an opportunity to work alongside individuals and has made a profound impact on many of our participants’ lives.
  • In the application to be considered for our Flagship classes, potential students are asked to agree to give 50 volunteer hours back to the community upon completing our program. To my knowledge, no other professional training does this.
  • One of Building Beyond the Walls most unique feature is that we are also an inclusive training program. This allows people with physical disabilities to learn and become empowered to do construction safely by modifying equipment and processes they help create. This is a demographic that is most often excluded from any construction training programs, yet it has proven to have a profound effect on their lives.
  • We are proactive in adapting all projects to incorporate Universal Design concept and sustainable building practices. This puts our students ahead of the curve in construction knowledge. It also increases the potential success of all of our students and their awareness of responsible building techniques.
  • Previous Building Beyond the Walls trainings have resulted in multiple projects built by trainees that are enriching our community, and over 5000 hours of volunteer service equaling over $112,000 in value. In addition, our uniquely accessible model has allowed over 30% of our participants to be individuals with disabilities.