Core Values

Process Driven not Project Driven

During the training, our purpose is to build community through projects. Working safely is paramount. Time must be given to explain processes, techniques and why we do them. Relate the process of what we are teaching to how it will help them in their life.

Building Community

Before there was a construction training program, the vision to find a way to connect people more deeply to their communities was stirring. It is through the training that this vision became a reality. Throughout our training, we look for ways to build community. We have local organizations bring lunches so that they can tell their story to our participants. We look for opportunities to share the local history.

Inclusive and Adaptable

None of us are the same. We each learn and comprehend things differently. As instructors, we need to listen and observe. For example, sawhorses may need to have height adjustments for shorter participants to work safely. We believe, anyone who has the heart to serve will have a job they can do safely through our ability to adapt. We make every effort to be respectful and patient as we work to empower participants; helping them to find their “abilities”.

Universal and Sustainable Design

Our goal is to teach and build with Universal and Sustainable Design practices in order to educate participants in a way of doing things that will benefit the organization we serve. By following some simple guidelines we create an end product that will last longer and allow recipients to live longer and more easily in their home or building.

Universal Design is building with the goal to promote independence, safety, comfort, and convenience for homeowners of any age so they can stay in their homes their entire lives. It allows for an aging loved ones or friends with physical limitations to visit comfortably in a home.
Sustainable Design for us is simply building with products that are environmentally friendly and long lasting. It is also in designing practices that reduce waste.